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  • 28 Nov 2011

    The Great Escape – the Barron’s article

    This is a dangerous time for the United States, and not just because of the lingering Great Recession. Young adult Americans are packing their bags and heading out of the country in astonishing numbers. Many more are turning their minds in that direction.

  • 06 Oct 2011

    Those “Planning” Relocation by Age Group

    Of those who are in the planning stages for relocation, the statistics show two dramatic shifts when divided by age group.

  • 28 Sep 2011

    The Middle Class in Motion

    Some people have one of two misconceptions of the type of people who relocate. One I call the “Retiree Myth”, that the majority of American relocators are retirees looking for a warmer climate. Although that is the case for some, elsewhere at this site it is made clear that they are not the primary age group to relocate.

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